Our Beliefs

We possess many core beliefs that we hold as true, as it relates to both how and why we choose to serve clients the way we do. We believe ...


In the pursuit of perfect mutual trust

The only sustainable basis for a successful advisor-client relationship is perfect mutual trust. We earn that trust by telling the pure, undiluted truth, all the time. While other advisors may focus on what client’s want to hear, we will always tell clients what they need to hear.

In continuously acting on a client’s plan

Our team will help ensure that a client avoids destroying their plan by focusing on the wrong things. Human nature tempts us to react to the markets, but all successful investors are goal-focused and act continuously on their plan.

In creating true financial security

Longevity, inflation, taxation, health care costs, and legacy planning all present challenges to our clients. A complete plan addresses the various risks that threaten financial security. We coordinate a team of advisors to proactively plan for the future. This planning builds confidence and peace of mind for our clients.

Volatility doesn't equal risk

Historically, the superior long-term return of stocks is directly correlated to their greater volatility, and without it, we would not achieve the growth we need. However, historical declines have been temporary as volatility passes away.

In the unique value of owning companies

Human ingenuity has had, and will have, significant improvement in our lives. Investing in stocks, the partial ownership of great companies, is a way to align ourselves with the most talented and innovative people this world has to offer.

Historically, the long-term return of this partnership has been superior compared to lending to these companies.

Investor behavior drives investment success

We live in a culture that's infatuated with selection and timing, but there's no evidence of the persistence of performance. The predominant factor in long-term, real-life financial outcomes is investor behavior.

Long-term optimism is the only realism

Uncertainty, in the world and thus the markets, is the only certainty. With history as our guide, we must express rationality through this uncertainty. Pessimism has no value to a long-term investor. The evidence points firmly to optimism being the only realism.

Money has little value if we're unable to purchase what we need. Too much focus is placed on the preservation of capital as opposed to protecting the purchasing power of that capital. We must always consider investments that have best enhanced our purchasing power.





No Investment Strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in a down market. All investments carry some level of risk including the potential loss of principal. Stocks/Equities have greater potential for gains as well as greater potential for loss than bonds/fixed income investments. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.